Delivery to the Postal Museum Underground Train
May 24, 2023

Delivery to the Postal Museum Underground Train

We had the absolute pleasure delivering to the underground train station at the postal museum.

We recently had the pleasure of again working with a prestigious caterer to install draught beer taps into their temporary mobile bar at the Postal Museum's underground train station.

This was a real challenge for the team, as they had to wait for the museum to close and only had one hour to set up the equipment. Access was difficult, as they had to carry everything down two long flights of stairs. And let's not forget the kegs - they are heavy!

Despite these challenges, the team was excited to work on such a unique project and even had the opportunity to see the old postal museum underground trains in action. They love visiting exciting venues around London and this was certainly one of the most memorable.

The Rent a Keg team worked tirelessly to ensure that the taps were installed and ready to serve delicious draught beer in time for the event. The caterer and their guests were thrilled with the final result, and the mobile bar became the life of the party.

Rent a Keg takes pride in providing exceptional service, no matter the location or the circumstances. They look forward to taking on more exciting projects like this in the future, and continuing to provide clients with the best in draught drinks and mobile bar solutions.

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