Government Duty Rates Changing on 1st August , A Win for Cider
June 12, 2023

Government Duty Rates Changing on 1st August , A Win for Cider

Exciting news is on the horizon for beverage enthusiasts as the government announces changes in duty rates, set to take effect on 1st August 2023. While beer kegs above 10L in size remain untouched, standard cider sees a minor adjustment, and wine kegs experience a small fluctuation, the real winners are fruit cider and sparkling wine lovers. With significant reductions in duty prices, fruit cider kegs are expected to drop by up to £20, and prosecco and other sparkling wines will also enjoy a pleasant decrease. These changes aim to provide a boost to the industry this summer while offering consumers a reason to celebrate. Let's delve into the details.

Fruit Cider: A Sweeter Deal:

One of the most significant changes in the duty rates affects fruit cider, with the government's decision to reduce prices dramatically. This move aims to support the growing demand for fruit ciders over the summer season and make them more accessible to consumers again. With kegs dropping by up to £20, both producers and consumers stand to benefit from this reduction. This change is expected to stimulate the market, encouraging more people to try and enjoy a wider range of fruit ciders, which have become increasingly popular in recent years for summertime drinking.

Standard Cider: Little Change, Steady Appeal:

Standard cider lovers can breathe a sigh of relief, as the government's duty rate adjustments bring about only minor changes. While specific details may vary, the overall impact on standard cider prices is expected to be minimal. This stability ensures that the affordability and accessibility of standard cider remain intact, allowing enthusiasts to continue enjoying their favorite beverages without significant financial burdens.

Wine Kegs: A Gentle Fluctuation:

Wine keg prices will experience a slight fluctuation with the new duty rates. The government aims to strike a balance between maintaining the industry's stability and addressing consumer demands. The precise nature of these changes may vary depending on factors such as the type of wine and volume. However, wine enthusiasts can expect the adjustments to be moderate, ensuring that the appeal and affordability of wine kegs remain relatively consistent.

Prosecco and Sparkling Wines: A Bubbly Break:

The news gets even better for fans of sparkling wines, particularly prosecco. The government's revised duty rates will bring about a nice drop in prices for these effervescent delights. This move is likely to be well-received by consumers who enjoy celebratory moments or simply savoring a glass of bubbly on special occasions. The reduced prices aim to make sparkling wines more accessible, encouraging more people to indulge in the effervescence and joy they bring.

Industry Impact and Consumer Delight:

The changes in duty rates set to take effect on 1st August 2023 reflect the government's commitment to supporting the beverage industry while keeping consumer interests in mind. The reductions in fruit cider prices and sparkling wines like prosecco will provide a welcome boost to both producers and consumers. The aim is to drive sales, encourage exploration, and enhance the overall enjoyment of these beverages.

With these changes, it's time to raise a glass and celebrate the government's commitment to the beverage industry and consumer delight.

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