NEC Exhibition Stand with Estrella Damm and Guinness
June 22, 2023

NEC Exhibition Stand with Estrella Damm and Guinness

Our client Scratch Creative, transformed the BOXT exhibition stand at NEC Birmingham into a captivating and refreshing experience by engaging our services to provide Estrella Damm beer and Guinness on tap.

The BOXT exhibition stand, curated by Scratch Creative, aimed to create an unforgettable atmosphere for clients and visitors. With the inclusion of Estrella Damm beer, renowned for its refreshing taste, and Guinness, celebrated for its iconic stout, attendees were able to indulge in a sophisticated and diverse beer experience. The availability of these premium beverages enhanced the vibrant ambiance of the exhibition stand getting through over a dozen kegs in just a couple of days. Who doesn't enjoy a free beer?

Rent a keg were asked to work with Coldharbour Industries, the creative stand builder, to supply 4 beers taps and a selection of kegs on a dry hire basis to their London premises which would then be couried with the stand to Birmingham.

On arrival at Coldharour Inds workshop we put hooked up all of the equipment ontop pf the kegs and tested everything to make sure it was working including testing the lines with a water keg to make sure there were no leaks. We then packed everything up for transport and gave details installation and trouble shooting instructions so the Coldharbour & Scratch team would easily be able to install onsite, which they managed to with success.

On the day of the event they had some basic user teething issues which were quickly overcome with a phone call to our technical lines and by watching our handy YouTube videos.

Overall we loved the look of the stand and feel the taps really fit in with the design. Especially as Estrella has the same brand colour as the stand.

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