Tap Install for London Office
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May 30, 2023

Tap Install for London Office

We installed pemenant beer taps for a corporate client in central London. Learn more about how we did this.

We received an exciting request from a corporate client based in Central London. They wanted to install beer taps in their event space at their office, and they had specific requirements that needed to be met.

The client wanted flexibility to change product, a reliable draught system that could cope with demand, and the ability to choose the style of taps for their installation. We knew that this was going to be a challenge, but we were up for it.

We scheduled a meeting with the client to discuss their requirements in more detail. We listened carefully to their needs and proposed a solution that would meet their expectations. We worked closely with the client's kitchen and bar fitting company to install a system that would meet their requirements.

We recommended a state-of-the-art draught beer system that would allow the client to change products easily. The system was also designed to handle high volumes of demand, ensuring that the beer would flow smoothly and consistently.

We gave the client the option to choose the style of taps they wanted. We provided a range of taps, including fully branded options and sleek chrome taps with branded badges.

Once the system was installed, we provided comprehensive training to the client's staff to ensure they were familiar with the equipment and could maintain it properly. We also provided ongoing support to ensure that the system continued to run smoothly.

The result of our efforts was a success. The client was thrilled with their new beer tap installation and was impressed by our professionalism and expertise. They have continued to use our services for their events and have recommended us to other businesses in the area.

In conclusion, our corporate beer tap installation was a triumph. We were able to meet the client's specific requirements and provide them with a reliable and flexible beer system that exceeded their expectations. Our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from other beer tap providers.

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