We Designed A New Mobile Tap Wall
May 14, 2023

We Designed A New Mobile Tap Wall

Noticing how popular self serve tap walls have become, we decided to design a new version utilising everything we have learnt over a decade of supplying them!

We are super excited about our latest product. As a leading supplier of draught drinks, we designed a new self-serve tap wall that can serve up to 100 pints per hour per tap, making it perfect for fast service at events and parties. It also has onboard chilling meaning its perfect for long term hire applications such as for a corporate office or events stadium.

The bar is lightweight, which means it can be easily moved around, and the front and sides are interchangeable, allowing for branding customization. The bar lights up in any color you like, making it perfect for themed events.

Badge holders are available for different types of beer and other drinks, ensuring that guests can easily identify their drink of choice. The bar also has onboard keg chilling facilities, which can dramatically extend the shelf life of drinks, making it suitable for long-term hire.

The bar uses a Glycol flash chilling system, which means there is no wait time for cooling in between keg changes. It's a plug-and-play system, making it easy to use and operate.

Rent a Keg offers two sizes of the bar, including a compact 2-tap version measuring 900mm wide and a larger 3-tap version measuring 1600mm wide.

The new self-serve tap wall is the perfect addition to any location, providing users with a fast and efficient way to enjoy their favorite drinks. For more information on Rent a Keg and its products, please contac us.

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